(Release provided by Senator Lynn Findley)

Senator Lynn Findley (R-Vale) joined over 2 million Oregonians in opposing the harmful legislative proposal, Senate Bill 1530 also known as “cap and trade”, by protesting the process in which this legislation is being pushed through the short session.

“I refuse to allow the super-majority to abuse their positions of power by steamrolling this legislation throughout without a fiscal analysis or economic impact statement of the bill. Not only is it unfair to our constituents for us to take such a significant vote without all the information we need, but it’s also not wise policymaking,” said Senator Findley.

“This legislation will do more harm to hardworking Oregon families and small businesses than almost any other legislative proposal this state has seen before,” he continued. “It unfairly and unnecessarily targets our already struggling agriculture, timber, and natural resource communities.”

Twenty-six of Oregon’s 36 counties have opposed this legislation through county proclamations or resolutions, including all but one of the counties in Senator Findley’s district which geographically encompasses over 36% of the state.

“I cannot in good conscience represent the citizens and constituents of Senate District 30 or the 2 million other Oregonians who have rightfully opposed this legislation and allow it to go through. It is my job to represent them—not special interests or out-of-state deep-pocket donors—and that’s what I am doing,” he continued. “If my colleagues will not allow for a fair process in the building, then I will represent my constituents from outside the building.”

Sen. Findley opposed previous versions of this proposal while a state representative for House District 60 during the 2019 session and has consistently advocated for different options, including a referral to Oregon voters in the next election.

“We don’t have the right information to be making this decision. This issue is not one that should be deliberated during the short legislative session and the antics to push this legislation through without more information and the refusal to gather that information and refer this to vote of the people are nothing short of an abuse of power.”

As a member of the Senate Committee on Environment & Natural Resources, he proposed multiple amendments to this legislation to lessen some of the negative impacts on Oregonians, but those amendments were ignored or dismissed during the committee processes.

“Oregonians have made their positions clear and their voices heard. I stand with them and for them today by opposing this bad policy and an even worse process.”


Senator Findley represents Senate District 30 which encompasses all of Baker, Grant, Harney, Jefferson, Malheur, Wasco, Wheeler and parts of Clackamas, Deschutes, Lake and Marion Counties. He serves as Vice-Chair on the Senate Committee on Finance & Revenue, and as a member of the Senate Committees on Environment & Natural Resources, Human Services, and the Joint Committee on Transportation.