SALEM, Ore. – During the Second Special Session, Senator Lynn Findley (R-Vale) requested an investigation into the Oregon Employment Department (OED) to hold them accountable for their mishandling of unemployment insurance (UI) claims since the start of the COVID-19 panic in March of this year.

In response to Senator Findley’s request, the Senate President announced the Senate Committee on Labor and Business will hold multiple hearings in early September to review OED’s failure in administering UI benefits to suffering Oregonians.

“The failures of the Employment Department have blocked tens of thousands of Oregonians from getting the unemployment benefits they need to survive,” said Senator Findley. “This is a failure of our government, and OED must be held accountable for its floundering leadership and mismanagement.”

On September 1 and 2, the Senate Committee on Labor and Business will hear directly from OED about their bureaucratic failures and steps being taken to recover. September 3 is reserved for Oregonians to share their experiences working with OED to secure UI benefits.

“I urge all Oregonians who have endured this failed process to please share their experiences,” Senator Findley continued. “We, as legislators, should listen and learn from those who are struggling in order to make better policy and decisions because Oregonians deserve better.”